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Review: Sherlock Season 3...

Hello my lovelies...

Now, for those of you who know me you will know how much I love Sherlock. The 2 years I had to wait for series 3 to come out was agnosing, and when they finally announced the return on New Year's Day I could barely contain my excitement. Since the last episode aired last night in England I thought I would use this chance to do my only little review (even though it is going to be totally biased). First of all though...


Episode 1 (The Empty Hearse) was the one everyone had been waiting did Sherlock fake his own death? I am a bit dubious about this one, and I don't think they have told us everything about this. They made up a few funny jokes featuring Derren Brown, but the apparent 'real' death doesn't convince me. However, although I did make up my own theories I really hope they don't give us all the answers. Of course I don't want to be left with no answers at all, but a bit of mystery never heart anyone! In this episode we were also introduced to Mary, John's soon to be wife, I soon grew to love them together even though their relationship was based around Sherlock not being in their lives. This episode did have elements of comedy in it, for example Sherlock seeing John for the first time after 2 years which I did wholly appreciate because that could have been a rather depressing scene! Once John got over the original shock it was great to see both of them working together again, and this is when I thought the show came back into its own again.

Episode 2 (The Sign of Three) was a chance for us to see the softer side of Sherlock. I know lots of viewers didn't like this because they felt all the detective work had gone, however I really enjoyed this and I think it made us warm to Sherlock even more and it made him more relatable as a character. The fact that all the writers from Sherlock were involved in this made this episode contain elements of humour, heart warming sentiment and the detective side that we all know and love. I did think this episode was a little predictable with the photographer being the murderer, I guessed this about half way through the episode, not sure if that was just me? But I don't think the murders were the shining stars of this episode. I am an old romantic at heart so the whole wedding scene, Sherlock/John/Mary working as a team made me smile and fall in with the episode. Also not forgetting that the episode ended with us finding out about Mary's pregnancy!

The final episode (His Last Vow) was just astonishing. I am still on a high from watching that episode! This episode returned to classic Sherlock was all about the chase and the mystery. First of all, Sherlock had a girlfriend. Yes, you heard me right. Of course it all turned out to be an elaborate rouse but it was fun while it lasted. This episode focused around a fellow called Magnussen who was a business man that preyed on the weak by having details on them that they wanted no one to know about. He found people's 'pressure points' although he found it hard to pin point Sherlock's. So to cut a long story short, Sherlock had used his 'girlfriend' to get into Magnussens office because she was his PA. When they entered to try and take some documents they found someone trying to kill Magnussen - when she turned round it turned out to be Mary! This is when I started to get emotional :( Mary shoots Sherlock to stop him interfering. We then enter Sherlock's 'mind palace' where he goes through all the information he has ever come across so he can stop himself dying. Sherlock is fine, and ends up in hospital etc. but then he is determined to find out why Mary wanted to kill Magnussen. It turns out that Mary used to be a secret assassin and that Mary isn't her actual name. She was trying to kill Magnusson so he wouldn't reveal her past. Sherlock then agrees to help Mary acquire this info because he wants to protect John (this is where we find out that John is Sherlock's pressure point, this information was too cute for me to handle). We then cut to Christmas Day where Mary is heavily pregnant. Sherlock ends up drugging all of his family and Mary so him and John can sneak off to meet Magnusson to try and get Mary's data. They struck up a deal because Magnusson wanted Mycroft's (Sherlock's brothers) laptop because it had information on that he could use. However, Sherlock had put on a tracker on it to try and put Magnusson in prison - Magnusson finds out and tells them about his 'mind palace' where he keeps all his data. He never keeps physical copies because all his power is just in his knowledge. In order to destroy this data and protect Mary and John, Sherlock shoots Magnusson in the head. Obviously this is illegal and Sherlock plans to leave the country to help people abroad. We see a sad goodbye with John (I did nearly cry) and he flies off on the plane. BUT THIS IS WHEN THE BEST BIT HAPPENS. GIFS start to flash up all over the UK of Moriarty (Sherlock's enemy who supposedly died in series 2) saying 'Did you miss me?' MY ANSWER WAS YES YES YES YES! This was my ideal ending. I don't think he would have survived though, maybe a copycat killer or a preplanned event before he had died? But just seeing him on the screen again made me too happy.

Overall I am very happy with series 3 and think it was worth the 2 year wait. I just hope that I don't have to wait another 2 years for series 4. However, I have pre-ordered series 3 to add to my collection so those will keep me going for a while! What did you think of Sherlock series 3? Yay or Nay?

Speak soon! xx

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