Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Hello my lovelies!

Today I am writing my first OOTD - this whole concept was a bit scary for me because I am not actually that confident in my fashion. However, I really liked this outfit! It is a smart casual look with of course - a collar! All of these items apart from the tights and shoes were in the New Look Sale, so if you like them, grab them while you can!
This is the Grey Leather-Look Trim Boyfriend Blazer which can be found here, it was reduced from £24.99 down to £15. It doesn't have any buttons but it is comfortable and goes with pretty much everything!
The top is no longer on the website but is still in stores! This is a simple chiffon blouse in black with white polka dots. It has a white peter pan collar with ribbon - but if you don't like the ribbon you can always cut it off! This was reduced from £25 down to £5.
The skirt is the Black Waffle Skater skirt, I bought this in last years sale but they have the exact same one with an additional belt here which has been reduced from £14.99 to £10. Even though the sale on this isn't drastic it is still worth a buy! It is a thick material and goes with everything.
Last up are the non-new look items. Both of these are from Primark. The tights are the super cosy ones with inner fleecing which cost £4, perfect for winter. The boots were not in the sale but were only £12 anyway, they are imitation chelsea boots with little buckle detailing on the other side.

So yeah, that's all for my first OOTD! I hope you all enjoy it - please let me know if you want me to do more. Maybe I will even get over the awkwardness from it.

Speak soon! xx

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