Friday, 10 January 2014

NOTD #1: Sultry Silver...

 Hello my lovelies!

Here is another highly requested post and it is a NOTD :) as many of you know, one of my new years resolutions is to stop biting my nails - so sorry they are not the longest, but it is the first time I have felt comfortable to do this (whipping out that claw pose)! The nail look I have gone for is a quite subdued silver colour, nothing too bright but has the desired effect. The first nail polish I used was the Kate Spade nails inc. London polish. I don't know the exact name of it but they don't have that many silvers on sale.
This nail varnish does need 2 coats to get a thick and glossy look but once those are done they look gorgeous! It is easy to apply and dries really quickly which is perfect if you are always in a rush like I am (such a busy little bee). I then wanted to have a feature nail and I thought the perfect match would be my previously mentioned Fearne cotton nail varnish!
 By adding this to one of the nails it added a bit of sparkle and glamour to the whole look. I usually wear bright colours on my nails but I have embraced this change and I love it :)

What do you think of the colour? Are there any other nail varnishes you would recommend?

Also, as promised here is my #100HappyDays photo number 2...
Watching BBC Stargazing Live being filmed at my uni!

Speak soon! xx

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