Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My University Experience...

Hello my lovelies!

Bit of a random post for you today but I feel it is relevant. I have had a lot of comments on my blog posts, and seen many a tweet about people preparing and taking exams for uni. Since I am in my 2nd year of uni I thought I would write a post about my experiences and the process of me getting in. The picture above is Royal Holloway, University of London - my friend Jenny told me about this university, it was only 20 minutes away from where I live and was very convenient. Originally I was going to stay at home and commute, but when I went and visited the campus I soon decided that was not what I wanted to do. I fell in love with the uni immediately, and I think that is very important - if you don't have an immediate love for it then don't place it as your firm choice! My insurance choice was Winchester uni, another gorgeous campus but I didn't fall in love with it quite as much. Anyway, I took my exams knowing that I needed AAB to be accepted into uni - I worked my butt off and revised like a mad man. Results day came around and I only got BBB, the tears started to flow and I was angry. Soon followed the rejection email from Royal Holloway and all my hopes and dreams seemed to come crashing down (as cliche as it seems). I started making plans for Winchester, since I had got into there, when something magical happened. The next day I was on the way to Tesco with my sister when I received a voicemail from Royal Holloway. They had changed their minds and offered me a place, they had reviewed my application and saw I was a well rounded student! I believe that hard work pays off and that things happen for a reason, and this just made me think that all those hours had not been wasted. I was on top of the world!!
Before I knew it, it was time to move in. This was a weird experience, I have always been independent and thought I was fine - but it all hit me when we were driving to the uni. I had moved out. I was an adult now. I was by myself. All these things go around in my head, but of course it was all nothing to worry about!I was lucky enough to live in the castle building in the top photo which is called Founders.  Founders did have its down sides (toilets that didn't flush, showers that rarely gave out water let alone it being hot) but I loved it - I made some amazing friends that lived on my corridor with me. It was an all girls corridor, we all had different personalities but it seemed to work. We had loads of good nights together and I have made some genuine friends from there, and even met my housemates for 2nd year! (pictured below)
Before I knew it, first year had passed. Clubbing, movie nights, meals out, fancy events and exams had all flown by. I still had a passion for Psychology, my degree of choice, and had made some of THE best friends I had ever met. I was so lucky to click with so many people on my course, they would do anything for me and I count myself blessed every day when I am with them. The three pictured below are my stand outs from Psychology, they have made every experience the most fun it could be. The best bit of doing a degree is that you meet people with similar interests to you - and these 3 are nutters just like me!
Another one of the stand out moments for me was our end of year Summer Ball, this was basically a formal party that was held in the quads of the Founders building. Everyone dressed fancy, drank alcohol and had loads of fun. There was a ferris wheel, dodgems, a silent disco, live music from Wretch 32 and much more. The tickets were quite expensive at £75, but it was worth every penny by the end. It was a great chance to share your last days with everyone for the year and reflect on how far we had all come. Everyone looked gorgeous and so many photos were taken but below are a few of my favs!

Summer had arrived which meant moving into my new house for my 2nd year (grown up I know). I didn't really have much of a summer break because I worked all summer on campus in a place called The Hub. Basically we are glorified dinner ladies and men, nothing glamorous I know but I would not change it for the world. Here is a quick snapshot of our gorgeous uniform (don't all rush at once gentleman)...
 Here I have made some of the most mad, special and wonderful friends - that normally I wouldn't get a chance to meet (different degrees, different years etc). They make working FUN and we have met numerous times outside of work because we all get on so well (Hub house parties woo yeah!). I have also been fortunate enough to meet one of my closest friends, Zoe, through work too. I never dread work, even when the shifts started at 4:45am during the summer! My managers are lovely and the people are lovely. What more could you ask for in a part time job?!
Soon after...

It was time to start uni again and get back into the routine of things. 2nd year so far has been a hell of a lot harder - sometimes I do miss my carefree first year where I could spontaneously go out and not have to worry. 2nd year consists of a lot of work and extra commitment - but on the bright side you do appreciate nights out a hell of a lot more! During my 2nd year I also took on the challenge of being the Psychology Society President. It isn't as formal as it seems, don't worry! It is basically a club for all people that do Psychology or enjoy it to get together socially and have a nice time. So far we have done pub crawls, meals outs, movie nights and soon we are going to Prague for 4 days. SO EXCITED! The people in the society are also so wonderful (using this word too much) they all want to have fun, are super sociable and make a night out have many laughs in it! Being the president has its challenges but it is so great and I enjoy all of it.
The last thing that uni has given me that I am the most appreciative of (apart from a degree) is my 4 closest friends. Here's the story, Dan (2nd left) spoke to me on Facebook a lot before we came to uni. We got on super well and are still amazing friends now, he has a special place in my heart. He introduced me to Lucy (1st left) who he lived in halls with and who also did Psychology, as you all know she is now my best friend! Dan also introduced me to Tommy (3rd left) he lived with him too. Tommy does English so I am lucky we met since we normally wouldn't have crossed. I confide a lot of stuff in him and he is always there. Lastly Dan introduced me to Sally (4th left) we have an unbreakable bond due to the fact we both have full fringes and wear collars a hell of a lot. We have very similar outlooks and personalities and it is always a joy to be with her. So basically all of this is down to Dan, thanks love! My uni experience would not have been the same, or anywhere near as good if I hadn't have met these 4. They are all wonderful and I hope that if you go to uni, you will get some friends as good as these.
 Now we are in present day - now your guess is a good as mine with regards to what the future holds! I hope this post helps a bit to show that working hard does pay off and that uni will give you some of the BEST experiences you will ever have. Are you currently at uni? Applying for uni? What are your favourite things or what are you looking forward to the most?

Speak soon! xx

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