Monday, 30 December 2013

Who cares?...

Penguin onsie I received for Christmas
Hello my lovelies!
I have been thinking about attitudes I have had this year, and the ones I want to take into 2014 with me. The one I am probably the most proud of is the 'Who cares' attitude. Now I don't mean that in an illegal way, I don't go round robbing shops and pushing babies out of prams! I mean it in a way that you should always embrace being and looking a bit silly. 
Me dressed as a man for the Psychology Christmas Pantomime
I have been in many situations this year where people have said 'Ugh I would only do that if I were drunk' and my response has been 'Give it here! I will do it!' because...why not? If my silliness makes some people happy or makes them laugh, whether it be with me or at me, I would much rather brighten their day then for no one to do it at all. Happiness makes the world go round after all!
Me dressed as a Christmas pudding for work

At Christmas time where I work we had a Christmas Market for all the students that go to my university. No one wanted to dress up as the Christmas Pudding from a fear of looking stupid. As you can see here I jumped at the chance and I got many positive comments from it. People said 'that has made me laugh' and 'I wish I had the confidence to do that' when reality everyone has it in them to do something a bit silly! I know there are some people that have confidence issues, and I know if you do you would find this difficult. As an alternative you could make it your challenge to acknowledge when someone does something that takes a bit of confidence, because that will make their day too!
I am a child at heart
So I guess what I am trying to say, is if you have an opportunity to dress a bit silly or do something to brightens someones day in 2014 then please do it! A New Years resolution if you will! I mean...Who cares?! You will feel so refreshed after and it might even put a smile on your face too :)

Speak soon! xx

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