Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The 'bests' of 2013...

My favourite photos from 2013
The Best Moment of 2013 
The best moment of 2013 was a day trip with my two best friends Lucy and Tommy to London to see Mamma Mia in the West End. We started to have a look round at all the sights (Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street etc). While we were visiting Buckingham Palace 2 men with a camera asked if they could film us for a project called BeSomebody which can be found here, and the video we featured in (1:07-1:08) can be found here. It is such an awesome project that is entirely positive and makes you appreciate the beauty of your city. After this when we went to see Mamma Mia we all had a good sing along and a really enjoyable evening. The night ended with us walking through a starry London to get our train back home. 
The Best Experience of 2013 
 The best experience of 2013 for me would have to be my Psychology Society trip to Amsterdam! This happened in January, so right at the beginning of the year but it is still my best experience. We traveled to Amsterdam for 4 days and stayed in a Hostel there (which was actually really nice!). It was snowing when we got there which made the city even more beautiful. We visited the Anne Frank museum which was an eye-opener and really interesting. We explored the city as a group and went out in the evenings to pubs and clubs. This was the best experience because I was given the opportunity to go abroad with some of my closest friends at uni, which ended up making us even closer! It was such a fun trip and one I won’t forget quickly. 
The Proudest Moment of 2013/The Hardest Situation in 2013 
My proudest moment of 2013 was when I started my Presidency of the Psychology Society at my university. I knew it was going to be difficult because we wanted to make sure all our members enjoyed their upcoming year and felt that their money was well spent. So far we have had pub crawls, movie nights and Christmas dinners and in February we are off to PRAGUE! Which I am certain I will do a blog post on. Although it has been hard, and at times stressful, I have enjoyed the experience so far! 

The Most Challenging Experience of 2013 
This would definitely have to be my end of year uni exams. It was such a jump up from working at A Level and the revision was so much more intense. Neither me or my friends left our flats for a good few months because we didn’t want to fail. Luckily I managed to pass my first year (yay :D), but the anxiety that came with waiting for the results was AWFUL! Now I am used to the experience of the exams hopefully the whole process in 2nd year will become easier.  

Favourite Film  
The Holiday, is and always will be my favourite film. I know technically it is a Christmas film but I watch it all year round anyway. I love the cast (Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Jude Law and Kate Winslet) and it is just a feel good film that makes me happy. That’s all I want from a film!

My Favourite Artist of 2013 
Anyone that knows me will know I am a little bit obsessed with Jessie J. This year was big because she released her 2nd album, Alive, which is AMAZING! Also I went to see her live this year at the O2 in London and managed to be just 5 rows from the front, which made me rather emotional. I can’t imagine her never being my favourite artist so this was an easy one!

Jessie J live at the O2!

My favourite Colour of 2013 
It has been all about red this year. Red lipsticks, red coat, red blazer, red shoes. I think red fits any season really well because of all the different shades. 

Favourite Season of 2013 
My favourite season has to be winter. I was born in December so I am a winter baby and have to stay true to this season! I love the season of giving too, I absolutely adore buying my friends presents. Everyone just seems happiest at this time which I enjoy seeing in the ones I love. 

Favourite Restaurant of 2013 
I am a classy bird and have to say Nando’s! Cheap and a great place to socialise with my friends, which I did too many times in 2013. 

Favourite Food of 2013 
Has to be the classic English Roast dinner. At uni I rarely have these anymore because there is no point making a roast for one. So when I come home and visit I am so eager to have my Dad’s roast (which is the best ever, but I am sure everyone says that!) 

Favourite Youtuber of 2013 
Hands down it is Zoella, she can be found here. I think she has really come into her own this year, she has overcome some of her biggest fears and shared that journey with us. Her videos are always funny and bring a smile to my face. The fact that this year she revealed Zalfie is actually a thing means she seems so much more relaxed too which makes viewing even more easy :)

Favourite Blogger of 2013 
Well, I am new to the blogging world so haven’t spread my wings as much as I have liked to yet. But from the ones I have seen so far it is definitely NotJustACurl, her blog can be found here. She has a versatile way of blogging and it is just really enjoyable to read. I can tell she is passionate about what she writes which makes it easy to follow her! 

What have I learnt overall in 2013? 
I think for this I would have to say that I can actually be independent, and I don’t have to rely on other people as much as I thought I did. At first this was really upsetting because I felt a bit isolated, but once I got used to the idea it was actually quite refreshing. I wasn’t afraid to sit by myself before a meeting in case I looked weird, but now I would do it without hesitation. Of course I still have my friends but it is so good to be able to just go and do something without having to worry about what other people think! 

Speak soon and Happy New Year! xx

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