Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Catchphrase Countdown...

Christmas Catchphrase set
Hello my lovelies! 
This post is an 'experiences' one with a Christmassy element. In October I traveled to London with my best friend and donned a Christmas hat because we had won tickets to see the Christmas Catchphrase being filmed in the ITV studios. Now, I know I am only 20 and most people that watch Catchphrase are older but honestly it was such a good day out!
Myself and my best friend queuing to get in
 When we got there the line wasn't too long so we joined and only has to wait for around 30 minutes to get in. The ITV staff were giving out free mulled wine, chocolates and coke while we waited to make everyone get into the Christmas spirit - I mean, summer had barely even finished! We were then ushered in through the back of the studios and before we entered the set we were all given a Christmas hat to make us look even more festive! Luckily we were quite close to the front and had a good view of the celebrities playing (Carol Vorderman, Michael Ball and Michelle Collins) and Stephen Mulhern hosting. They were giving away prizes to the audience too but unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to win one :(
ITV Studios and Phillip Schofields handprints
 Obviously I can't tell you who won because that would ruin the fun of it all - but the most exciting part is that it is being aired tonight at 7pm on ITV1 and I will most definitely be recording it to see if I can find myself in the audience! All in all it was a great day out. I won my tickets here and they do giveaways practically all the time so it is worth a look!

Speak soon! xx

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